Guide to Obtaining and Selling the WoW Token

purchasing wow token
purchasing wow token

Players can purchase a WoW Token from the in-game Shop with real money, and then sell it on the Auction House for gold at the current market price. When another player buys a WoW Token with gold from the Auction House, the Token becomes Soulbound, and then player can redeem it for 30 days of game time. Players will be able to purchase a WoW Token through the in-game Shop for real money, and then sell it on the Auction House for gold at the current market price. When a player buys a WoW Token from the Auction House for gold, the Token becomes Soulbound, and the player can then redeem it for 30 days of game time.

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It’s possible that most current gold sellers are actually buying Token gold and reselling with a markup to those with a less critical eye. Further, players with large stashes of gold are currently converting all their in-game wealth into balance right now, which is likely pushing prices up. Some of these players have lots of gold income from expansive auction-house rackets, and these players may keep buying tokens … but many of them are just liquidating the stashes they earned from their Draenor garrisons. The price had been hovering between 55,000 and 60,000 gold for a couple of months.

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WoW has the most visible form of it, given how many groups have a social norm of expecting achievements or rating as a display of base competency, but it isn’t even the only current MMO with such things happening. In FFXIV, there is a joke about “purchased legends” – people who buy carries through Ultimate raid content. WoW wasn’t the first in this regard, it isn’t the only one where that happens even today, and it will not be the last. A maximum of 36 Tokens every 24 months may be purchased for gold via the Auction House, to be used for game time. As of Feb. 6th 2017, when Balance was added as a redeemable option, this restriction has been lifted. The WoW Token when bought for real money is used whilst playing “Retail” WoW.


In this guide, we will go in-depth to show you how you can benefit from this feature, what are the ways of getting gold for it, and how to maintain World of Warcraft subscription consistently without paying a single dollar. We faithfully consider the value of WoW Token to World of Warcraft, especially it provides a change to get players who can’t afford monthly subscription back and enjoy the game again. According to the information above, I am sure that you know the real reason why many players prefer to buy wow gold rather than buy wow token. It also removes what is, for a fair number of players, a viable savings on their monthly expenses – and the game is struggling to keep players invested and engaged as-is.

Why Many Players Prefer to Buy WoW Gold Rather Than Buy WoW Token

I suppose, but you’d need to buy something like 40 what is euro coin tokens to pay for that, which is a bit rich for my blood. Oh, and I suppose you can pay to get carried on raids or mythic+ dungeons, but I’ve really never understood the “pay to NOT play the game” mentality. @Nosy – I have heard that theory before, and it is something that seems reasonable I suppose, but I do not know how to test it to see if it is true. And it all depends on just how many WoW Tokens are chasing how large of a pool of gold.

When a player buys a WoW Token from the Auction House for gold, they receive an actual WoW Token item, which becomes Soulbound, and must kept in the player’s bags. In the end playing the game on the regular basis is usually enough to cover the token costs. Buying Tokens for real money is usually done just to bring it to Auction House for gold as Token exchange for the playtime is less profitable than a simple Game Time expansion via a Timecard. Coming back into the game at recent patch might give you a feel of being behind. To cover that hole players often but you WoW Token as it is helpful way to adress the issues with missed gold.


Buying the Token for gold binds it to the player which makes it untradeable afterward but those acquired through the website can be sold at the Auction House to other players. Players who purchase these tokens for gold can use the token to add 30 days of game time to their WoW subscription or, in some regions, opt to add money to their Balance. Balance is like a virtual gift card which can be used to purchase other games and services offered by Blizzard Entertainment. That doesn’t strike me as odd, at least not for the WoW Token. You have to be able to use it for something or people wouldn’t grind gold to get them. In the case of WoW, a token is worth a month of subscription time.

Buying Token from the Auction House with gold

That means at a price of 100,000 gold, a token represents about five hours of grinding, or offers a wage of $3 per hour. The idea of gold being worth a certain amount per hour is a useful way of framing this discussion, in fact. Blizzard had announced players would soon be able to convert WoW Tokens into balance, but the company never said when the feature was coming.

  • Use the form above to search your World of Warcraft realm’s auction house.
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  • A player may purchase a maximum of 10 tokens per week, and may only own 10 tokens at one time.
  • You can tell when I have started doing my month in review post as I am suddenly all about things that happened five or ten years ago, and such is the case now.

If you’re having trouble logging in, try recovering your account information, and check our Support articles for login troubleshooting and the latest system requirements for Dragonflight. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. People are bored to hell in WoW and any crazy stunt possible, will be made somehow. He flooded that server with gold, but this gold would have been made nonetheless, just sometime later. Getting 600M Gold in current Retail WoW is probably literally impossible as an individual. It was somewhat possible when Boosting was still a major resource, but Blizzard has since outlawed it and made large sums of gold harder to come by.

I’m assuming that token prices are set by free market pressures only and that Blizzard takes a “hands-off” approach to price management. If that’s the case, I find it odd that the black market price still seems higher. You would think that they would alter their tactics to encourage people to buy from them cheaper than the “official” alternative.

World of Warcraft Tokens can now be exchanged for currency

The goal of WoW token is simple – Buy Token to sell it for golds or buy time with golds. I don’t think anyone plans to buy WoW token with money and then use it when its few euros cheaper to just buy 1 month from the shop. This approach stops any form of farming or unhealthy gameplay habits that could be exploited for cold hard cash. When players buy a WoW Token from an auction house for in-game gold, they receive an in-game physical WoW Token item, This WoW Token then becomes Soulbound and must be kept in a player’s bag. That suggests this change should result in a permanent increase in price for tokens. And how many more people can be tempted to pay money for gold?

Make sure to keep your seed phrase safe, and take note of your wallet address. There are several crypto wallets to choose from within the BNB Chain network and TrustWallet appears to be the most integrated. If you are using a desktop computer, you can download Google Chrome and the wallet Chrome extension. If you prefer using your mobile phone, you can download the wallet via Google Play or iOS App Store if it’s available.

Hot Take Alert: The WoW Token Is Fine, Probably

I managed tohit 7000 Resonanceand unlock my 4 out of 5 resonating bonuses. You can buy WoW tokens directly from Blizzard for $20 USD, $25 AUD, €20 EUR, £15 GBP, ¥75 CNY, ₩22,000 KRW, or NT$500 TWD. As of February 6, 2017, the overall maximum has been removed.

You may use a WoW token to add 30 days of game time to your subscription. You may also use the token to add money to your Blizzard balance. Click on the token in your bags, which will bring up several confirmation windows to add 30 days of game time to your World of Warcraft account. These windows are handy as they show your current and new account expiration dates.

There’s no deposit, and the Auction House does not take a cut of the gold for WoW Token sales. The standard deposit is designed to dissuade players from spamming the auction house with items that aren’t selling, and the standard cut is designed to dissuade players from buying and reselling items for minuscule markups. These issues don’t apply to the WoW Token, so there’s no need for a deposit or cut.Will each game region have its own WoW Token exchange? Each game region—Americas , Europe, Taiwan, Korea, and China—will have its own shared WoW Token exchange.

You may only have a maximum of 10 Tokens in your inventory at one time. If you like this website and want to support it, consider becoming a patron. We’ll remove the ads for you and give you even more perks to go along with it. Blizzard has updated the loot roll interface in Embers of Neltharion and added a transmog loot option.

Just like a standard purchase, it will normally arrive in your mailbox nearly instantaneously.If I’m buying a WoW Token for real money from the in-game Shop, how long does it take to receive it? Once you successfully complete a purchase, your Token should arrive in your inventory almost immediately.Do Tokens expire? They also can’t be deleted, so no need to fear accidentally trashing them.Can I stop my auction or receive a refund after it was purchased ? All transactions are considered final and auctions cannot be cancelled, so make sure you’re certain you want to proceed before listing or buying a Token. To help prevent unintentional transactions, you will be prompted to confirm your purchase or sale before it’s finalized.Is there a deposit? Does the Auction House take a cut of the Token seller’s gold?

If you don’t currently have a subscription, you may login to World of Warcraft, and purchase a token from the character select screen. Binance is constantly reviewing and adding cryptocurrencies that can be used on the Binance platform. If you would like to buy WOW-token, which is currently not listed on Binance, you can follow the step-by-step guide below. It will show you how to buy WOW-token by connecting your crypto wallet to a decentralized exchange using your Binance account to buy the base currency. I do not think there is a magic day of the month when your token limit resets.


There is an account-wide restriction that won’t let you purchase WoW Token when you have one already listed on the Auction House. Parental Controls may block you from listing a Token on the auction house. For example, you cannot purchase a Token in the US region if your Blizzard Balance is in Euros. You can’t delete, transfer, faction change or boost any character with a Token in their inventory. Officially latest exchange price as an example) each transaction. Yet, I find the hyperbole around the token somewhat overblown for a simple reason – all of those things would likely still exist in the game in other forms were the token not a thing.

Prophet is stating that while the OP is a gold whale, Blizzard still made that $50k in cash, since someone else paid money for the token. So whilst OP’s point stands, that’s he’s not put a cent into the game directly, they’ve still made ActiBlizz $50k for Diablo Immoral. Though since the token is paid for as $20 for $15 back, AB actually made MORE money this way than if OP had just bought it normally, an extra $16.6k I believe, easy money. It took the 3 weeks to start the character and finish the 7000 resonance. It took about the entirety of May to swap the codes in various marketplaces for gold; I went to work on that the second I heard about the PC port in late April. When I saw Diablo Immortal was coming to PC, I realized WoW Token balance would be usable in game for the shop purchases.

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If the player’s account is currently inactive, they can redeem a Token through the character select screen. If the player does not possess any Tokens, they can purchase one directly from the character select screen for the current market price, with the gold deducted evenly from all characters on the selected server. The WoW Token is a special form of currency used in World of Warcraft. Basically, it gives Warcraft players a way to spend real money to get in-game gold or to use their gold to buy game time without spending real money. Now, players can also redeem WoW Tokens to send money directly to their balance. The biggest part of getting Tokens in World of Warcraft plays gold.

If you want to sell them or buy them, you’d need to trade the whole account which you can do at our marketplace. In fact, a very little number of them can be traded but there are some exceptions of fantastic and useful creatures that you can capture. Among them, you can find Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent, Dune Scavenger, Sky Golem, and Sandstone Drake. Some of them are straight-up drops from bosses, some from regular mobs while others are crafted through professions and various recipes but all of the sellable mounts are profitable without a doubt. Just as mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph transmog farms take some effort but for most importantly patience. People who say that it doesn’t pay off haven’t put enough time into it.

If you don’t have the gold on the account you want to buy for or got a friend to lend/give you enough gold for a token, simply make a ticket (on from the account and state that you are trying to transfer gold to buy a token. If you want a quicker response or if the Ticket GM doesn’t help you, choose Phone Support instead of making a GM ticket . They will give you 24 hours of game time so you can transfer gold. If you have a lapsed account and enough gold, you can buy WoW Token directly from the character select screen. Gold will be taken across characters on your selected server. I, personally, have been only somewhat attached to the game over the last five years, playing it to see the game but not getting that deeply invested in it.

Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. Using World of Warcrafts’s default auction interface you should have no problem posting a wow token. A shop confirmation window will appear showing your item, cost, and method of payment. Click the X at the top right to cancel the purchase, or Buy Now to obtain the item.

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